Whether you are moving into a new apartment, house or office, or just want to refresh the color and mood in the rooms you live in, one thing is clear - you need quality painting services.

Professional PainterPricesCompletion Time
Studio Flat ( Painting ) £600 1 day
1 Bedroom Property ( Painting ) £750 1 day
2 Bedroom Property ( Painting ) £1000 1-2 days
3 Bedroom Property ( Painting ) £1200 2 days
4 Bedroom Property ( Painting ) £1350 2 -3days
5 Bedroom Property ( Painting ) £1700 3-4 days
Wallpapering £40 Per rol of wallpaper Depends on sq. m.
Wallpaper stripping £30 per sq. m. Depends on sq. m.
Single Bedroom ( Painting ) £200 1 day
Double Bedroom ( Painting ) £260 1 day
Living Room ( Painting ) £400 1 - 2 days
Dining Room ( Painting ) £370 1 - 2 days
Hallway, Landing and Stairs ( Painting ) £600 2 - 3 days

Prices do not include materials. All prices include all taxes and fees.

Professional Painting And Decorating

Save money and unnecessary stress!

Painting can be incredibly stressful, from planning to providing materials so that everything goes smoothly. Our professionals start planning the project before starting the actual work. Victoria Services Professional Painting Services has the expertise and insurance to ensure the best possible results. Thanks to insurance, if something goes wrong at any time during the project, we will be able to fix things.In case you decide to try it yourself and make mistakes, you will need to hire a specialist to correct these mistakes.. So, it is better to just hire us for a good start and ensure that the painting work will be done properly from the first time.

Painting Victoria Services
Painting Victoria Services
Painting Victoria Services

Hiring a Painter & Decorator

Hiring a painter and decorator can save you valuable time and make sure you get the results you hope for. If you are ready to hire a painter and decorator to transform your home, you can call us or book now.

Yes we service both commercial and residential clients.
Absolutely not – unless you change the scope of what we’re doing, what we quote is what you pay.
Of course! All work is fully guaranteed for a year.
Yes, we have full public liability insurance plus damage insurance.
We always tidy up after ourselves at the end of every day, and then clean thoroughly once the project is finished.

Areas We Cover:

London Hertfordshire Bedfordshire Buckinghamshire Cambridgeshire

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All our employees are vaccinated COVID-19 and have a vaccination certificate.